22 min

In production

Hey, Gunesh!

ჰეი, გუნეშ!

Directing: Marita TevzadzeAna Jegnaradze


Where the spring water is clean as air and cold as ice and is touched only by sheep wool while women are washing it and the thin sunburnt feet of kids, Gunesh - a 9 years old Azeri girl is experiencing her childhood moments. She is respected - she can recognize every sheep and connect the babies with heir mothers. She is tough, she is often furious, she is dreamy too. Her father Fasha doesn't want her to get married as soon as she finished school as it often happens in their society. Fasha desperately wants her to study, to study first of all the language of the country they live in - Georgian and then to enter the university and become whoever she wants to become. He will do anything to achieve this with his daughter - even if it takes his traditional way of life - nomadic sheepherding.


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