6x12 min

In development

Twin Marilyn

Directing: Jasmina Kallay


Twin Peaks is about Marilyn Monroe. The question on everyone’s lips at the time — Who killed Laura Palmer? — should have been: Who killed Marilyn Monroe? Almost every episode contains unmistakable clues that correspond with Monroe’s life and death, from visuals and set pieces (i.e. an Abraham Lincoln portrait, coffee references, the names of the female characters) to Laura’s confessions (on tape and in her diary) and narrative developments.

Laura’s and Marilyn’s personalities are uncannily similar: both enjoyed the power that came from their sexual charisma, and both took drugs, flirting with the dark side. Laura and Marilyn had secret affairs with powerful men (Horne and the Kennedy brothers respectively), and felt contempt for their ‘boring’ boyfriend/husband. Furthermore, they both kept a secret red diary in which they threatened to expose their lover’s secrets. Quite incredibly, Laura’s diary entries match almost verbatim some of Monroe’s letters to her psychiatrist. And, ultimately, the reveal of Laura Palmer’s killer contains an intriguing explanation as to the death of Marilyn Monroe…

The project is showcased in the form of a VR experience, broken down into smaller segments (6 episodes x 8’ to 10’), which together form the whole documentary film. The VR experience is changing the way we view and feel the scenes, easing yourself into the new realms of discovering the secrets of Marilyn Monroe’s life and death.
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