73 min


Well of Dreams

Directing: Paweł Tarasiewicz


A tale about the loves and dreams of Reema - a transgender woman in
The film starts in the cinema - the only place where a man can see women
on screen. But in sharp contrast to Lollywood is the world in which
Reema can subsist as a transgender woman in Pakistan- the Well of Death.
A carnival sideshow, where motorcyclists perform stunts and Reema dances
to attract consumers. It's the life of a nomad, each town and each show
revealing the beauties and complexities of Pakistani society. Reema is
convinced to have found the love of her life - Asif. They work together
and support each other. It's a utopia that is shattered when Reema
suddenly loses Asif. Heartbroken Reema travels back to her 'Guru', who
runs the transgender safe house where she grew up...


Silver Eye Award at the East Doc Platform 2023
25. 3. 2023

Silver Eye Award at the East Doc Platform 2023

The Silver Eye Award 2023 for the best feature documentary will be announced at the Ceremony during One World Film Festival & East Doc Platform's Guest Meets Guest on March 28. Look at the 10 nominated films and the International Jury.
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