72 min


Well of Dreams

Režie: Paweł Tarasiewicz


A tale about the loves and dreams of Reema - a transgender woman in
The film starts in the cinema - the only place where a man can see women
on screen. But in sharp contrast to Lollywood is the world in which
Reema can subsist as a transgender woman in Pakistan- the Well of Death.
A carnival sideshow, where motorcyclists perform stunts and Reema dances
to attract consumers. It's the life of a nomad, each town and each show
revealing the beauties and complexities of Pakistani society. Reema is
convinced to have found the love of her life - Asif. They work together
and support each other. It's a utopia that is shattered when Reema
suddenly loses Asif. Heartbroken Reema travels back to her 'Guru', who
runs the transgender safe house where she grew up...
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