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Investigators want to look at the phenomena and controversial topics that are spread in our society, but have no scientific background – e.g., some types of alternative medicine or the popular eso-themes such as telepathy, out-of-body experience, bioresonance, telepathy or clairvoyance.

Investigators try to explore each topic - sometimes amusingly, but clearly and seriously in general. Other protagonists - mainly supporters of one side or another (sceptics vs. advocates) are there (not) to help them. The aim of the project is to raise public awareness. However, the authors do not want to force their own opinion upon the audience - their goal is to present facts, so that the spectator is able to create his own opinion.

We currently witness an increasing blending of esotericism and science, which makes room for imposters and greedy people. The documentary series therefore aims at objective investigation of the phenomena on the frontier of knowledge of the contemporary science so as to “separate the wheat from the chaff”. The main goal is not to unequivocally prove or refute the phenomena (the film is not a scientific study) but to describe them from a rational point of view. Attention is thus drawn to the facts. All the topics have a common element: their advocates are presenting them as clear, real and existing, even though they have never been scientifically proven.
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