40 min


Why am I here

Pochemu ya tut

Directing: Daria Sidorova


This is a film about people who we call strange and unusual because they are not like us - they are on the sidelines of society. Rasul is 15 years old but only recently has he begun to speak and communicate with others, and asking questions. Rasul is autistic. He likes to watch TV. He likes to draw. What he hates though, is going to work with his mother. For hours Elena is rehearsing Russian folk songs with her band, while Rasul is walking around in circles. A person with a camera appears in Rasul's life. The camera becomes his friend, even closer to Rasul than his mother. It's because the mother does not allow much, but with a camera one can do anything he wants: show it your favorite places, ask questions and so much more. Simultaneously this film is about directors, who enter people's lives, violating their peace and forcing to change, but are often also changed. One can then barely distinguish who's the unusual and strange: you or him.

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