In development

Tin Can Race

During the Cold War, the average family in the Eastern-bloc sooner or later had its long-awaited, much loved, polished and groomed socialist clumsy and a pain-to-drive car. And this was the only available option. On the other hand, the export of these cars was a national priority of the communist countries, so that many families in the West “enjoyed” a pure utilitarian and very affordable model of a Lada, Moskvich, Skoda or Yugo. The socialist cars were meant to serve their owners and not to bring pleasure. Now it’s time to revive these old monsters and have all the joy they can provide.
After working on this topic for years and gathering archives related to socialist cars, we offer the spectacular Tin Can Race – a Socialist Cars Media Event, a rich array of high-quality storytelling, entertainment and cross-media adventures. For one purpose only - to speed up and get to know Europe better, back then and nowadays.
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