64 min

In production

Nest of Storks and People

Gnezdo na shturkeli i hora

Directing: Petko Gyulchev


Two storks travel 12,000 kilometers from the south to reach their home in the Bulgarian village of Palamartza and spend the summer there. Like the 250 foreigners from all over the world who choose the poorest European country as the last and dearest dream stop in their lives. English, Nigerians, Thais, Chileans, Russians, Dutch, Romanians, Estonians, Ukrainians ... are fleeing or looking for something. Behind the thick masonry fences, everyone finds refuge. For them, Bulgaria was the West in the 70s. Freedom, cheap life, conditional rules and unlimited possibilities are what they find here. Apparently, everyday life in the small village runs in harmony and tolerance. All this and the circumstances around the world COVID pandemic, brings a family from London with four children to the Bulgarian village. After a couple of unexpected turn overs the land of unlimited possibilities might become the land of unlimited problems...
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