59 min


The Tripoint


Directing: Klára Řezníčková


"Saying I don't like the Czechs is like saying I don't like my mom. Saying I don't like the Slovaks is like saying I don't like my father. Saying I don't like the Polish is like saying I don't like my grandfather." We are in the European Union, in the easternmost Czech town, at the intersection of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. People's lives and the region's entire historical development have been greatly affected by these three borders. We spend most of the time exploring the small mountain community of Hrčava, the youngest and easternmost Czech village. Capturing this magnificent, forgotten mountain region in the course of the four seasons of the year in the rhythm of local music, the film tells the stories of the past and the present. The special nature of the place comes from the mutual blending and layering of various ethnic elements.
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