80 min,

5x20 min

In development


Directing: Timo Novotny


Together with the American racing driver Sean Johnston, Pacenotes enters the erratic world of rallying. The young and charismatic rallying rookie Sean Johnston gets sent on a hero's journey - offering all the well-known ingredients needed to form a cohesive dramaturgy.

Pacenotes uses epic as well as solemn pictures that collide with constricting, almost claustrophobic, scenes. Being distilled from over 3000 hours of "found footage" paired with original content, Pacenotes almost becomes a movie-remix. Thus, the contrasting and unusual style of Pacenotes reaches its full potential on the theater screen. Dreamlike, solemn sequences intertwine with intimate, closely observing scenes. Moreover, music and sound form an unbreakable bond delivering the story that sucks the audience into the merging pictures of racing and narrative.
Pacenotes pushes the frontiers of rally documentation since no cinema project made its way to the big screens worldwide, yet. Pacenotes will change this. It's potential to reach audiences worldwide, motorsport as well as cinema enthusiasts, comes from the unusual people telling their story in Pacenotes. These people overcome their fears, their individual obstacles and discover mutual trust. Sided with all the big names of rallying, these stories offer a completely new perspective that, hitherto, was hidden by stereotypes and clich├ęs. Combined with a special cinematic realization, Pacenotes becomes a movie for every cinema enthusiast and sports lover.
Relying on footage produced during the corona crisis, a unique picture forms that depicts the rally community in uncertain times. How are the sportspeople of the always moving rally world coping with this new situation? Until now, there are no final answers. From canceled events to new event strategies, Pacenotes followed these personal stories of the rally world.

A dangerous yet fascinating addiction that these people face with unusual coping strategies to balance out fear and hubris.
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