In development

Too Close


Too Close is a feature documentary set in rural Transylvania, Romania, in which Andrea, a single mother, is struggling to recover from the most traumatic experience of her life. Her 10-year-old daughter has been sexually abused by none other than Andrea’s partner, the stepfather of the girl. Moreover, when the abuse was happening, Andrea was pregnant with the man’s son. Their lives forever changed since the tragic events unfolded four years ago. The aggressor had been locked up for his crime, however, he was released earlier from jail, and he moved back to the small village that Andrea and her children live in, only a few houses away. Despite him being unable to approach them because of the court’s restraining order, Andrea wants to escape from the village. His presence is not the only reason for her moving away: it is also the villagers that she considers the enemy. The enclosed rural community keeps on taking the man’s side, because he is a member of a well-respected clerical family, while Andrea’s side is resented by many, because she works as an actress in the city. The house and the territory are her only material belongings, so she will only be able to purchase an apartment in the city after she succeeds selling the house. Unfortunately, no one wants to buy the decaying house. Furthermore, the aggressor is suing Andrea, he is demanding visitation rights and shared custody of their son, all this being actually possible in the Romanian juridical system. How can the relationship between mother and children, the family dynamic develop in the aftermath of sexual abuse, and in these extreme circumstances? The tension is a crucial layer of this fi lm, just as the topics it dissects: child abuse, the bigotry of small communities, the failures of the justice system in protecting abuse survivors. The main focus, however, is the internal struggles of a single mother and her inspiring fi ght to get out from the darkest pits of her life.
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