58 min


Ladies in White

Damas de Blanco

Directing: Ivana Pauerová Miloševičová


Damas de Blanco is a film about an unofficial social movement of Cuban women who are under strict surveillance by Castro's regime. Those women are wives, mothers and sisters of political prisoners. Their husbands, fathers or brothers have been imprisoned for years because they in some way expressed their doubts about political leaders and the system in Cuba. In most cases, they signed a petition for more freedom and multi-party system in Cuba, wrote critical newspaper articles etc. At the moment, the movement has some 60 active women members. Regular Sunday mass is the only activity they manage to do together. They organize protest marches on the Avenue in Miramar (a district in La Habana), all dressed in white and carrying pink flowers in their hands. The film depicts 12 most important Damas: their dreams, their fight, their everyday life, their families and their political activities.
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