75 min

In production

Go Back!

Directing: Boris Despodov


The European dream of equality and prosperity has proven a powerful magnet for millions in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. As their paths quite literally cross on the increasingly barb-wired borders of the European Union there is a different kind of law, that emerges behind the fence.
In January 2016, Bulgarian Petar "Perata" Nizamov, age 35 and the protagonist in Go Back! - in the company of his private militia - executes a civil arrest of three afghan teenagers, who had just entered the European Union opting for the cheaper Balkan Route, which passes the dense forest area of the Turkish-Bulgarian border. Perata films it and uploads the video on social media. Within the next hours, it is seen by several hundred thousand people, turning him into an overnight celebrity.
Perata cultivates a controversial media image. Characterisations drift between a national patriot and cynical deceiver. In reality both ideas often blend with each other and it is hard to point out where the engagement for social protection ends and the mishandling of human rights begins.
Go Back! focuses on the social repercussions of the Refugee Crisis in Europe. It exhibits the challenges each European is facing when having to deal with the unfamiliar situation. Although the majority reflects with tolerance, the crisis also creates fears and insecurities. As we can observe, many balance them with patriotism and nationalism – ideologies, which often undertake violation of human rights as a political necessity.
The film is a step in understanding, what makes a xenophobic right wing activist. “Perata” is an ambiguous character. He is an aggressive, determined patriot, who is willing to break any border to achieve his ideological goals. As the story unfolds, it turns out he is just like everyone else – a human, who fears and braces up, laughs and cries. He reasons what he does with his concerns about his daughter’s future.
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