70 min

In production



Directing: Natálie Císařovská


This feature documentary is about fatherhood, often underrated, compared to motherhood. Biologically, fatherhood is the same for all men, but its perception can vary. Unlike women who are physically connected with motherhood, the father's role depends on a man's approach and understanding.
We will follow four men - fathers for the first time - coming from the most significant ethnic communities of the Czech Republic: Czech, Roma, Vietnamese and Ukrainian. We will concentrate on last months of pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing of child. Shooting would take approx. 1,5 year.
The fathers will be our protagonists, we will observe their approach to fatherhood, their fears and happy expectation and also their various cultural backgrounds, naturally influencing the father's roles. One of the protagonists will be an "active father“, which is an interesting phenomenon of the last years.
We want to concentrate a lot on a visual side of the film. The statements of the men won't be direct to camera, they will flow out of various life situations. Four stories will be narrated in parallel and connected in editing through similar situations.
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