70 min




Directing: Wojciech Staroń


The film is a journey through Stalin gulags and European Union salons. It is a story about determination, dreams, obstacles and the power of fraternal love. The film will tell the story of an unusual life of two brothers and their complicated relationship. A pragmatist and a dreamer, water and fire. One painted great maps and the other one – great paintings. Alfons is a painter and an acrobat; the archetype of artist. Mieczyslaw is a cartographer, looking after the house and trying to simpilify his brother’s grand plans.The film revolves around a dream – before he dies, Alfons would like to present his paintings in Brussels. However, on his return from Brussels, Alfons finds out that his paintings had been destroyed in a fire. Once again they are homeless and they have to start all over again. Will they succeed?
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