In development

I Want It All

Yara is a young girl from Brussels, whose family life revolves around boxing and winning. Her mother, Sanae, is a world champion who spends her days exercising on the ring. Yara gets it - she is a promising boxer herself, but sometimes wishes she spent more time with her mom. Jean-Christophe, her father, is a coach for both ladies. Due to his wife’s career, he is relegated to taking care of the chores at home. Their entire routine depends on the needs of Sanae, who does not know the taste of defeat.

That changes when Sanae looses her championship. Yara is furious, but finally has Sanae all to herself. Their connection is special - two warriors who, in their words, “have the same blood”. Jealous, Jean-Christophe, who performs all the duties usually reserved for a mother, knows he will never be able to replace one. Furthermore, he sees that Yara is suspended between two worlds - that of her Muslim heritage and that of Western values, which can be challenging.

Meanwhile, Sanae will be able to try qualifying for the Olympics. She is turning 38, which means that this is her last chance at fulfilling her greatest dream. This is her last year in sport as she will retire soon. What does it mean for Yara, whose boxing achievements are gaining momentum? Is she ready to take over her mother's crown? Is that even something that she truly wants?
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