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I Want It All

Yara is a 10 year-old from Brussels. Due to her parents' background, she is suspended between two worlds - that of Muslim and of Western values. Her family’s life is all about sport and winning. Her mother, Sanae, is a world boxing champion. Meanwhile, Yara is a young, promising talent. Her father, Jean-Christophe, is the one to take care of the chores, pick up Yara from school and make sure she eats her dinner. He is also a coach for both girls.
We meet them when Sanae looses her world championship title and the family has to swallow the bitter pill of defeat. However, a new opportunity arises for Sanae. A change in regulations allows her to participate in qualifications for the Olympic Games. 35 year-old Sanae knows it is now or never. She spends even more time training, while her family makes even more sacrifices, just so they can feel the taste of victory again.
The qualifications take place in March 2020. Will Sanae make her dream come true, setting the bar even higher for her competitive daughter? Will Yara finally have the childhood she wishes for? Will she find out what her real goals and dreams are?
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