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I Want It All

Jean-Christophe lives with his wife Sanae and their daughter Yara in downtown Brussels. He runs a sports store, as well as teaches at a boxing academy founded by his wife, a Moroccan world boxing champion. Meanwhile, despite her young age, Yara already reached for the tile of champion in Belgium and France in that sport. Jean-Christophe supports both women and takes over running the household. He is the one who cooks and cleans their apartment. He drops off and picks Yara up from school and sports practice. Jean-Christophe does not complain - he finally has the family he’s always dreamed about. Moreover, it’s a clan of boxing champions. There was a time when Jean-Christophe was an athlete himself, reaching for the highest prizes, but his career in sprinting came to an abrupt end. He was 21 when he was disqualified for doping. Jean-Christophe buried that event deep within himself and focused on coaching others, which is how he met Sanae. His wife is an undefeated sportswoman, who is at the brink of fulfilling her greatest goal - qualifying for the Olympics. Taking after her mother, Yara does not understand what it means to lose. Her opponents are afraid of her. Thus, Jean-Christophe wins when his girls win. Thanks to his wife and his daughter, the spotlight shines on him too. He is a crucial member of the team, one who facilitates all their endeavours. However, it does not come without a price.
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