80 min

In production


Directing: Katarzyna Wiśniowska


A busy family of three lives in the centre of Brussels. Their life circles around a little apartment, a store they run and a gym. Since Sanae (38) is a world boxing champion, she spends her days exercising on the ring. Yara (11) understands why her mother is often absent, since she is a promising boxer herself. Though, sometimes, she wishes she could spend more time with her mom. Jean-Christophe, the father and the husband, is an endurance coach for both ladies. Due to his wife’s booming career, he is relegated to taking care of the chores at home. Their entire routine depends on the needs of Sanae, who seemingly never tasted defeat.

That changes when she looses an important championship. Yara is upset, but finally has Sanae all to herself. Their connection is special – two warriors who, in their words, “have the same blood”. Jealous, Jean-Christophe, who performs all the duties traditionally reserved for a mother, knows he will never be able to replace one.

The trio form a unique structure, in which people exist very close to each other, but still end up feeling lonely, craving attention and missing one another. When that is paired up with financial hardships, untamed ambitions and the challenges of being women in competitive sport, we realize that we are dealing with characters who are loving and caring towards one another, but struggle to keep moving forward as a team.

While reaching for big dreams, the family needs to face the bigger challenges. How do you make things work in this relationship? How do you keep the family together? What is the right way to raise your child? How do you keep winning without pushing your loved ones away? This film is a portrait of a modern family, who does not give up on each other when things get difficult. We feel that that our bond with the family will allow us to tell a compelling story about people who, on the surface, do things that are out of the ordinary, but ultimately are highly relatable to many of us.


Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise is the winner of East Doc Platform
17. 3. 2021

Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise is the winner of East Doc Platform

The winner of East Doc Platform Award 2021 is the Ukrainian project Lagoons. A Battle for Paradise by director Serhiy Lysenko and producers Anna Kapustina and Oleksandra Kravchenko. Lagoons also got Current Time TV Director's Award.
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Nine projects supported by the IDF at DOK Industry
12. 10. 2020

Nine projects supported by the IDF at DOK Industry

DOK Lepzig's DOK Industry line-up includes five projects from the Ex Oriente Film & East Doc Platform presented online during DOK Partner Presentations. In the programme of DOK Co-Pro Market you can find another four projects supported by the IDF.
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East Doc Platform 2020: Selected projects in detail
5. 2. 2020

East Doc Platform 2020: Selected projects in detail

East Doc Forum and East Doc Market projects will be an essential part of the 9th edition of East Doc Platform in Prague (March 7–13). Find all the information about the selected projects, including photos, synopsis, credits and more details.
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