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Eagles from Țaga

Vulturii din Țaga

A policeman, a pub owner, a postman, a high school student and some other villagers play football together in a team called The Eagle, located in a small village, somewhere in Transylvania. The Eagle from Taga is officially the weakest team in Romania.They perform in the 5th league, the last league in the Romanian Championship and their coach and manager − Nelu Tarnovan, is an enthusiastic former professional player who failed in his career. Now, he is totally involved in the local team and this gives him a sense of living.

The team was founded in 2003 by Nelu Tarnovan and till now, he has struggled to keep the players together, even if everything seems to be against him. In the past season, the team had a catastrophic evolution: 30 losses from 30 matches and they started the new season with a disaster: 2-17. However, the players haven't lost either their hope or their passion for the game and they continue to play football.

Besides playing football, every team player has a personal story. The postman wants to become a mayor, the policeman turned into a local celebrity after he solved a mysterious crime case, the goalkeeper faces his alcohol problems at 19. The youngest player who is still in high school has a dream to meet personally Lionel Messi and to perform for an important club, but meantime he became famous in FIFA17, as a virtual player.

We will be following the main character – Nelu Tarnovan and up to five other team players, on the football field and in their personal life, during a whole championship and we will record their efforts to obtain at least one single victory. But, even these guys are part from the same football team, are they really a team in the everyday life of their community?
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