74 min


Eagles from Țaga

Vulturii din Țaga

Režie: Adina PopescuIulian-Manuel Ghervas


Almost every Sunday, Nelu Târnovan, a senior football manager, marks the filed on the local stadium, located somewhere on the edge of a village in Transylvania. His team, Eagles from Țaga evolves in the last league and they haven’t won a game in the last two years. But Nelu is trying to keep the team alive, even if everything seems to be against him: the referees, the weahter, his wife and sometimes his own players.
In his youth, Nelu was a talented football player, but after he got married, his life has changed. He gave up playing football, but now his struggle to do everything possible for the local team represents, in fact, the remains of a dream.
The film follows the evolution of the team during a championship in Romania, as well as on an international tournament in Slovakia, using football as a pretext to explore life from a rural community trapped in an anonymous, hilarious and hopeless world.
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