98 min


The Limits of Europe

Hranice Evropy

Directing: Apolena Rychlikova


It has been three years since journalist Saša Uhlová explored the phenomenon of low-paying work in her native Czech Republic. In a personal prologue, she confesses to feeling exhausted and burned out: it has taken her several years to find the strength to take leave of her family once again to experience firsthand the reality of people whose lives generally attract little interest. After spending time to prepare, Saša leaves Prague and heads west, with Apolena’s film crew in close observation.
During her journey she reflects on the state of Europe thirty years after the collapse of the bi-polar world: why we are still witnessing such glaring economic inequality between the ‘West’ and the ‘East’, and why are so many people forced to leave their families to look for work far from their home.
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