30 min


The Neighbours Disappeared or Searching... Kids from Hartmanice

Zmizelí sousedé aneb Pátrání... Děti z Hartmanic

Directing: Lucie Králová


An episode from the series Lost Neighbours - Teen Cameras Search for Traces of Jewish Fellow-Citizens. The mountain village of Hartmanice is situated in Southwestern Bohemia, 20 km from the German border, in the former Sudetenland... The film was shot by eight
local children aged 11-15. One of them says: "Hartmanice is an out-of-the-way place. I am glad to be able to shoot the film, at least we have something to do otherwise everybody here just sits at home watching TV and doing nothing else. That's boring. First we thought this project was bullshit - to look for people who were no longer here and whom we didn't know!" In 1930 Hartmanice had 696 inhabitants - Germans, Czechs and Jews. In 1942 the number of inhabitants was 821, no Czechs or Jews. They were arrested or fled. Today, 733 people live in Hartmanice, mostly Czech nationals, and the kids start to recapture memory...
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