6x45 min

In development

Unhero or a Falling Star

Directing: Georgi Tenev


Yavor (38) is the most controversial star of the Bulgarian theater, film and television business. Once an audience favorite, Yavor is now on the verge of going to jail. The media are tearing him apart. Something must be done or he is lost. He undertakes a cinematic experiment. The result will be our docu-series. Yavor also starts his own stand-up comedy show to save him from the professional/ life crisis. With the help of our team, he stages and explores his greatest fears – going to prison, being abandoned by those closest to him, repeating the great childhood trauma of losing his father. The most important people for him participate in this panopticon – Yavor's girlfriend, the charming Raya; his brother, also a popular actor; and of course – his mother, who has been through most of it – from Yavor's birth with the umbilical cord entangled around his neck, through his wounds and surgeries, through the public scandal in the Big Brother house, until the day Yavor stood up in the court. We also observe the biography of an epoch – Yavor is a peer of modern Bulgaria, which replaced the totalitarian People's Republic in the late 80s. From then until now, the country has been on the difficult road to democracy, remaining, however, the poorest in the EU. Yavor grew up in a time of freedom, but also of chaos. Law of the jungle and all the temptations of the free market. There will be more mediums in our narrative: over 150 phone conversations; diary of meetings with the probation officer; regulary blood tests; video surveillance; self-recorded video testimonies of Yavor and Raya; Yavor's DNA-reliance; weekly drug tests. Happiness and terror are the poles between which Yavor plays this role that he writes himself. A happy ending is not guaranteed. As the most important support remains love – the love of Raya for Yavor and the love of Yavor for Raya. And the hope that they won't just stay together, but will be three someday. The child Yavor dreams of – a better self.
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