6x45 min

Ve vývoji

Unhero or a Falling Star

Režie: Georgi Tenev


Yavor (37) is a famous actor. He made a splash with his roles in popular series, participated in theater productions, had nominations and awards. Took part in the TV reality show Big Brother, but left with a scandal. In the last few years, more directors and producers do not risk, avoid working with him. Yavor amasses the controversial fame of a person who abuses alcohol, gets involved with drugs. He has increasingly serious problems with the law. Has already been sentenced to a probationary sentence for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He is sort of the black sheep of Bulgarian cinema.
This film is an experiment on the border between psychological provocation, deconstruction of a creative personality and an exploration of the relationship between public and private space, at the same time lending a hand to Yavor.
The documentary will follow Yavor's scandalous idea to restart his life and career by organizing his own funeral. The daring idea takes the hero to various people, including a criminal group for illegal burials and cremations, subject of a police investigation, as well as meets him with prolific visual artists, who take to heart his suggestion to design his tombstone. The "funeral" will grow into something between a fiesta, a trial and a pardon of an anti-hero, with critics and colleagues, rivals and friends, former beloved girls... This seems to be the peak of our plot... but a sudden coincidence will lead the story in a new direction.
Arranging the "virtual" demise sends the anti-hero-star on the trail of a mysterious street art artist nicknamed Bloke,who died suddenly at the age of 27,leaving a rapidly disappearing series of provocative social graffiti. Yavor recognizes his own problematic nature in these grotesque provocations. The circumstances surrounding Bloke's death are unclear. The actor feels the call to reveal the secret, it seems to him that Bloke's fate holds an answer to his own creative crises and existential hesitations.
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