20 min


Life to a Killed Frog!

Život zabité žábě!

Directing: Andrea Culková


“Nature cannot be invented, it must be born and then attempt to become stronger. Nature cannot be abolished by an act of thinking, but by killing. Nature is mutable, a relationship between birth and death. This changeability is a source of fragility and violability and a sign of temporality. But it is also a source of unpredictable power. These are attributes of life which can be found in every living entity, every biological species, and also in every idea or relationship.” Zdeněk Kratochvíl (Výchova, zřejmost, vědomí, Praha 1995) An educational satire about the furious effort to sustain life, about the metamorphosis of saviours into the saved, about scientific experiments, the nature of amphibians... and hundreds of lives saved.
FAMU, Department of Documentary Film (3rd year - film poem)
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