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Kix - The Story of a Street Kid


KIX is a ‘coming-of-age’ story about the formative years of a troubled street kid, Sanyi, who ends up as a public enemy, facing involuntary manslaughter charges at the age of 16. It shows the adventures and struggles of the young boy as he hops, skips and jumps his way through the minefield of grown-up society. The film looks at the challenges of existence in urban environments today, told through the life of a talented kid from a crippling disadvantaged background, living in Budapest.

He lives with his brother, parents and grandmother in a tiny one-room apartment. Having no room of his own, Sanyi instinctively spreads his living space into the outside world, using any thing or situation that comes to hand to amuse himself and mates. He’s an unruly, adrenalin-dependent anarchist, who’s not afraid to say exactly what he thinks: ’’I can see so much more from higher up than from the ground. Folks just stare at the floor and that’s all!”

On the verge of adulthood even a street kid has to wake up to the responsibility of breadwinning. He’s supposed to make a choice but the metropolis only gives you two options: get a job or go to jail.

Through 10 years of Sanyi’s life he moves through all values of the opposing spectrums. We see him as he goes from repressed to oppressor, from little brother to older brother, from careless scoundrel to responsible father, from street kid to stay-at-home nihilistic adolescent.
One day, one of his pranks ends in a fatal accident. Sanyi becomes a public enemy and a prime example of how the system neglects the most in need. The film becomes a moral tale of a boy whom we fall in love with knowing that he’s a murderer, while the filmmakers’ role and ethical responsibility also gets questioned.

The fundamental question arise: will he elevate himself above the path society carved out for him or succumb to self-destruction?
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