90 min

In development


Directing: Ionut Piturescu


How do humans survive crisis? Can this be a cinema question? In our times of growing unrests, Borders tells a story of vulnerability and survival through a scattered family, disconnected by conflict, while connected by shared experiences and war victims. The story focuses on Burma border crisis, where the longest-running war in modern history takes place, lasting for 68 years, spanning 3 generations of more than 50 million people.
The first chapter, Far, reveals the life of a Karen family, one of the most numerous stateless nations living, that was resettled in Copenhagen, after it escaped the Burma war, crossed the border, and found protection in a Thai refugee camp.
The second chapter, Near, presents the tribulations of the Karen family relatives who are living in the city of Yangon, the commercial capital of Burma. This time the film shows the everyday struggles of a family still living in their country, both near and at the same time disconnected from their homeland, finding a place in the rapidly developing metropolis, pressured by the dominant political power and greedy investors.
The third chapter, Here, unveils the challenges of the savvy Karen family kin still living in their home environment, chased by violence and conflict in the border jungles of Burma, where they survive independently as internally displaced persons (IDPs).
The families living in such different contexts are profoundly tied through the war that they share, family losses, striking experiences and molding memories that they carry with them in all their interactions. The three chapters of Borders are hypostasis of the universal destinies confronted by many humans that must pass across and break through these stages of contemporary life. A hybrid between fiction and non-fiction, Borders explores the thin borderlines separating acts of hardship and humor, desires and choices. This is not a film about war, but a cinema story about the quest for peace.
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