In production

The Smuggler


Aigars is a smuggler. He makes living by helping immigrants to get across the border between Russia and Latvia. His parents are alcoholics; he left his home when he was 15. Ever since he has been independent and takes care for himself. Rumor has it that Aigars has money, although he is only ninth grade education and no permanent job. He is clever enough to smuggle illegal immigrants across the border, he knows law, border zone and tricks not to get caught by border guards.

Aigars is in relationship with Lolita, she motherly takes care of him; she is 20 years older than him. She does not support Aigars’ occupation and is worried about him. She reminds her boyfriend constantly about the consequences. Aigars on the other hand is not afraid of spending some time behind the bars. He already has had trouble with authorities; he has been jailed for couple of month for assisting unlawful entry. Will he turn to smuggling again after coming out of the prison or will he start a decent life? Will their relationship last?

The story of the film develops following how the relationship between both characters evolves within 1,5 years. Other characters are residents of the border villages who each in their own way are faced with illegal migration and smuggling. The footage of the film consists of observations in the villages near the border and elsewhere, interaction with the people, following the current events and revealing the views and emotions of the characters. It is an observational documentary with outstanding cinematography done by the director himself.

The Smuggler follows the intriguing, emotionally catching story of the smuggler and portrays the border town with long history of smuggling. It is a rare in-depth portrait of Europe’s northeast border, an area that has its own unique character.
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