95 min

In production

The One I Love

Ta, którą kocham

Directing: Paweł Hejbudzki


Daria (41) lives in Mexico with her five-year-old daughter Daphne, husband Dave, and the rest of their Mexican family. She doesn't lack anything here; she lives in paradise. But thanks to an investigation company she hired, she discovers that she is not an only child and that her biological siblings are located in Poland. Daria goes to her hometown of Toruń to discuss this mystery of the past with her mother, Wiesia, and grandmother, Adela. She meets her long-lost brother, Mariusz, who has likewise been unaware of her existance. Our protagonist faces resistance from her family because her mother denies everything, arguing that Daria is an only child. But Daria proves that she has found her brother and that he is very similar to her, both in looks and mannerism. Eventually, Wiesia admits that she put her son up for adoption, claiming she had no other choice. Daria asks if he is her only brother, as she remembers that her mother gave another brother up for adoption in the 90s and hired a company to find him. Daria's alcoholic mother swears that these two are her only sons, and she had to give them for adoption because she did not have any way to support them. The situation becomes increasingly complex upon the arrival of the uncle, Wiesia's brother Marek - who has sailed around the world as a sailor and always has some good advice. Many comical situations arise from this.
Daria decides to conduct an investigation on her own, and together with her friend Magda, she discovers through neighbours, friends, and other offices, that she has five more siblings.
She also discovers facts about her mother's past, when her mother was still a little girl, which were swept under the rug in front of everyone by her religious grandma.
Throughout the film, we get to know the relationship between a mother and daughter - a relationship full of pain and mutual regret which will eventually take one woman to the extreme.


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