90 min


The One I Love

Ta, którą kocham

Režie: Paweł Hejbudzki


Daria (41) lives in Mexico with her five-year-old daughter Daphne and her husband Dave. Her peaceful life is shaken when she discovers that she is not the only child of her mother and that her biological siblings are located in Poland.
Daria goes to her hometown of Toruń to explain the mystery of the past and confront her mother Wiesia and grandmother Adela. She also meets her rediscovered brother, Mariusz.
How many more brothers and sisters will Daria discover? And why did her mother give all these children up for adoption? Wiesia and Adela resist to talk, but step by step Daria comes closer to the truth. She is assisted by professional genealogical researchers and her friends from childhood. And also her mother starts revealing some secrets.
Daria slowly realizes what happened to her mother and that her alcohol addiction and hard to accept life choices may result from a very deep trauma. The relationship between mother and daughter has always been full of pain and mutual regret, but now Daria tries to build it all anew. Will she manage to do that? Burden of the past takes one of the women to the extreme…


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