On Decency

O slušnosti

Mr. K., a sturdy miner in his fifties, sits in the living room of his spacious apartment in a block of flats. He is exhausted and can hardly control his emotions. He is on the verge of crying. "I hate them. The only thing they know is how to make children, destroy things and mess around. That's their culture." Mrs. E., a well-dressed elderly lady, is sitting at her favorite table in her favorite restaurant. "The new owners started letting them in. So we explained to them that if they turn it into a gypsy bar we'll stop coming. They stopped letting them in. It's been quiet ever since." A film essay about decency. Everyday banal situations shed light onto those dark, hidden places in us that unveil the thin border separating normality from abnormality and point to the failure of the multicultural social model.
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