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The Village of Swimming Cows

Wieś pływających krów

A group of friends – eco-crazy enthusiasts from Berlin spend their next summer holidays in the Polish East, in the Biebrza National Park in order to find Eastern paradises of wooden idyllic villages, unspoiled landscapes and experience “wilderness”. They all love the idea of a Spartan excursion to a wooden house devoid of any modern comforts as a way of trying to live like they believe people lived one hundred years ago – when the ecology was not only an academic concept but a lived reality.

An ethno-botanist Jon, a modern neo-hippy Ellen and their New-Age philosophy follower friend Mario are involved in organization of many ecological projects in Berlin and around the city: foraging, wilderness workshops, bio food educational lectures, organic art projects or lectures on the energy of water.

Their focus on environmental pollution, ecology and food they consume became their new religion or even obsession – they are very rigid in their diets, go to their diet consultant monthly and are particular about the source of their food. They also strngly object any forms of industrial production of meat and milk.

Incidentally, they are going to get to know better their hosts - Stanislav and his wife Anna.

Despite the initial shock that the appearing of strangely dressed foreigners evokes in the villagers, despite the surprise to their daily rituals, despite many controversies over industrial breeding of animals, consumerism, gathering of material possessions, family life and religion, and first of all despite the communication barrier, it seems like both parties are able to apprehend each other and create friendship. They are all full of respect for the Mother Earth and other people, after all.

A funny, light-told, optimistic film with a deeper reflection on modern life today.
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