The Wire

Directing: Tiha Gudac


While some residents of the Kupa region feel safer thanks to the new barbed wire fence, others view it as an inhumane tool for turning away people who are asking for help, and a wilful destruction of an interlinked community. The suddenly impassable border affects everyone: the old order of things is shaken and the new one becomes the topic of passionate discussions. New fears disturb the peaceful life in the middle of picturesque countryside. What will happen when a dynamic, mobile part of the world barges into the seemingly calm, traditional local life in the historically stormy Jugoslav region? And what are the experiences of the refugees who try to overcome the fence?


KineDok online screening + discussion: The Wire
7. 2. 2023

KineDok online screening + discussion: The Wire

KineDok is providing another documentary film online and free, this time about the Croatian-Slovenian border. The film The Wire will be available from 9 to 14 February and will be accompanied by an online discussion on 13 February.
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