In production

Untitled Rastorguev Project

In July 2018 the dreadful news hit the headlines around the world: a Russian documentary crew was shot dead in a night ambush in the Central African Republic while investigating the activities of Russian private mercenaries in the area and their alleged ties to the Russian government. The most recent evidence suggests that all the three crew members were tracked from the beginning and their assassination was meticulously planned. One of the murdered trio was Alexander Rastorguev--a celebrated filmmaker, the author of acclaimed documentaries Wild Wild Beach, Clean Thursday, I Love You, The Term, winner of awards at IDFA, DOKLeipzig and many more important festivals. Devastated by this loss, his colleagues and friends put together a team to bring Rastorguev to life and tell his story through the bits and pieces he left behind. Having the close access to the archival materials that only friends and family can get, they set themselves the task of recreating an intimate and emotional portrait and assembling a comprehensive mosaic, made of home footage and behind-the-scenes snippets, “the making-of” videos and fragments of his films. Step by step, the documentary will introduce Rastorguev as the charismatic person which was able to bring people together around him--as well as a groundbreaking filmmaker, open to the most ambitious experiments and newest technologies, while remaining faithful to the humanist ideal. There will be room for breakthroughs and uncertainties, creative mistakes and career achievements, internal conflicts and fights with friends--for everything a big personality consists of. After making the viewers bond with the character, the story will come to the most controversial and tragic point: an attempt to shed some light on what happened in Africa. The film will give a glimpse into the ongoing investigations of the terrible incident and into what brought Rastorguev to the dusty crossroads amid the chaos of someone else's war that became fatal for him.
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