In production

Up in the Air


All his life Zhenya used to train in the circus arena. He was born in wood shredding covering the arena, one says. Zhenya is a talented aerial gymnast from the circus family. Zhenya’s mother - Svetlana - his trainer and ahead of the studio ‘The Old Circus’. She taught him to insure and keep the balance. Zhenya’s father was also a circus artist, he established the first horses ‘Zaporozhian Cossacks’ theatre on Khortitsa island in Ukraine. Zhenya never saw him performing. They did not communicate much before his father passed away. Zhenya wants to restore the connection with his father's family and find out more about his roots. Zhenya brought lots of international prizes back home to Kharkiv. He dreams about his own circus where he is teaching kids. However, a few years ago the studio ‘The Old Circus’ was kicked out of the building where they used to train. This shatters his faith.

Zhenya chooses a job on a cruise liner. Potentially using this money he will be able to create a new circus theatre following his father's path. He is searching for his identity and the way of realization in Ukraine. During the pandemic, Zhenya comes back home. He helps Svetlana to train kids. He has learned a lot with international choreographs. The teaching approaches of Svetlana and Zhenya are different. Zhenya is charismatic, open-minded and caring. Children see him as an example and hero. Before his next departure, Zhenya accidentally appears in the circus where he used to train when he was a child. He takes some wood shredding from the arena to the memory of. While he is not there children train in unsuitable conditions. They do not have a permanent place to train. Svetlana is looking for a new training venue and she hopes to get the old circus building back. Zhenya wants a change and is aiming to do a new performance with Svetlana. Conflict of a new and old system is unavoidable. Will the young people have a place to land after their performance?
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