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Up in the Air


Sasha is 9 years old - a talented and purposeful boy, he studies at the Circus Studio "Old Circus". He wants to fly under the dome of the circus and amaze children and adults. For this, he devotes all his free time to air gymnastics classes and devotes his whole life to the circus. A small child realizes his responsibility and works hard on himself because his activities in the air are life-threatening. Nevertheless, Sasha and other children study in poor conditions, because 5 years ago government officials illegally kicked the studio out of the circus building, where they had been practicing for 15 years. They were not offered an alternative as required by the law. The hunger strike of the head of the studio Svetlana and the appeal to the media did not yield any results.
The struggle for the building of the circus and his rights exhausted Eugene - Sasha's coach and a studio graduate. Once, Eugene also dreamed of a career as a circus artist and a modern circus. From other countries, he brought many circus awards to his native Kharkov. Eugene gave up his dream. Now he works on international cruise ships and does not connect the future with Ukraine.
During the pandemic, Evgeny ended up at home and helps Svetlana train children. Svetlana is Zhenya's mother. It was she who taught him everything - to insure, to keep balance, to be strong, but her teaching methods are outdated. She doesn't see that the world has changed. She does what she's used to. The music in the rooms is outdated. This is the music of her youth. However, she is not ready to give way to her son.
Zhenya is engaged in aerial exercises with Sasha, passing on his skills. Sasha loves the circus, but it may happen that Eugene's path awaits him.
The circus building is collapsing, it is empty and quiet, and the children's studio is preparing a new performance. Will Sasha and Evgeny have where to land when they finish their performances in the air?
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