5x45 min

In development

The Murderers of Anna Labancz

Labancz Anna gyilkosai

Directing: Balázs Dudás


In this documentary we are trying to track down the mystery of one of the most famous criminal cases in Hungary, an unsolved murder case. In 1970, Anna Labancz, who was a nurse at the time, was stabbed multiple times in the window of her nursing accommodation by a mysterious assailant. Many details of the murder of the 23-year-old beautiful girl are still unclear: exactly how it happened, what was the murder weapon, why did the perpetrator kill her, and most importantly, who was it? Apart from the mystery of the unsolved murder, the Anna Labancz case also raises many other questions and issues, either about the conditions of socialist Hungary, about social and gender issues that are still present today, or about the personal dramas of those involved in the case affecting them to this day. Our movie aims to follow up on these far-reaching matters of the case. It is important to add that there has been no film made about the Anna Labancz murder to this day, so this creation could fill a gap in cinematography and be even more special.
The story of Anna Labancz is closely related to the social history of the socialist bloc Hungary, the world of the rural industrial city of Miskolc, its typical locations, figures and affairs. Through the narratives of the investigators, residents of the nursing accommodation, co-workers, girlfriends and friends, the recurring stages of Anna's life come to life on archival footage, painting a picture of everyday life of young people and society of a large rural city in the 70’s. Through the events we get to know the characters of our story, who all played a role in the development of Anna's life and her tragic death, or in the aftermath of the case - and whose lives were also dramatically changed by this terrible tragedy. During the making of our film, we are following up on all the existing evidence and documents, and during this thorough process, new clues and documents can come to light. Even new suspects.
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