In production

An Ordinary Country

Zwyczajny Kraj

Poland in the 1970s and 1980s shown through materials recorded and confiscated by the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Citizens’ Militia. 
The main storyline will focus on a woman whose husband is arrested for illegal sales of foreign currency. The woman is searching for a lawyer. She is called in for interrogation at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where the officer who wants to coerce her and catch her on a lie. He asks her how much she spends on groceries, how much and what kind margarine, milk, and meat she uses at home. Another Security Service officer is listening to recordings from a phone tap, concerning a conversation between two friends, one of whom has emigrated to Norway. Viewers will see scenes shot with a hidden camera of an illegal sale of fuel in a residential area. Over a series of scenes, the audience will also follow a staff meeting between journalists at Dziennik Telewizyjny (the main news programme on state television) and an attempt at a bomb threat blackmail situation in the state-run airline. The viewers will also witness the process of breaking a diplomat who has met with a girl “for intimate purposes”.
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