72 min


Talking About Adultery

Directing: Bara Jichova Tyson


In open testimonies by husbands, wives, and lovers, this highly stylized introspective fi m presents different forms of marriage and searches for the meaning of this institution in our post-consumerist society. Through a visually dominant text conversation between the central couple R. and B., the viewer gradually begins to identify with the stories of anonymous heroes who balance fulfillment of love and sexuality in relationships, cope with their frustration, or describe the rediscovered value of marriage. Metaphors and collages reflect the filmmaker’s perspective, and ultimately a surprising twist of life connected to the filming.“Infidelity is actually a boring topic, yet it can be quite telling about one.” B. Jíchová Tyson



Czech Documentary Filmmakers Out in the World – Bára Jíchová Tyson
14. 12. 2019

Czech Documentary Filmmakers Out in the World – Bára Jíchová Tyson

The director and producer of Talking About Adultery – a movie that presents multiple perspectives on relationships, marriage and infidelity – offers her views on how to fund creative documentary films in the U.S.
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