Post production

In The Sweltering Sun

თაკარა მზეზე

The Georgian Martial Arts school teenagers spend ten summer days in the castle named “Golden Cradle”. Most of the boys are winners of the final competition in Martial Arts. except for Giorgi, the 13-year-old boy who comes here just to spend summertime lying on a lake beach under the sweltering sun. But the reality turns out to be different and Giorgi must abbey rules and follow orders of his teacher.
The castle also hosts the group of sculptors, who create mythological objects from metal and wood. These works of art will forever remain on the lake beach as decorations because the owner of the castle decided to make a touristic attraction around the lake. The local government supports him.
Alongside the joyful events and fests taking place regularly in the castle, camera glances into the hidden corners and discovers the life of teenage boys involved in scary games of masculinity.
This is an absurd theater, with some black comedy elements. The film reflects brutality of the conservative male-dominated culture where Men are searching for identity and make younger boys exercise in authoritarianism.
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