The Last Kalderash

Ultimul căldărar

Geo, a young Roma coppersmith from Corcova village, Romania, lacks the means to support his wife and his 6-year old son. The farmers from the surrounding villages are not buying his copper handmade objects anymore – the copper brandy stills, trays and pots the Roma coppersmith families traditionally manufacture and sell nearby. While the older Roma coppersmiths from Corcova still work copper for their few customers, the younger generation is leaving for France to collect scrap metal, or for Belgium to pick apples. Half of the Roma in Corcova have already left the country. Geo has been to France to collect scrap metal and to Belgium to work as an apple picker. He quickly learned French and earned some money to build a house in Corcova. Geo and his wife, Marina, are now preparing to depart.
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