119 min


The World Beyond Silence

Die Welt jenseits der Stille

Directing: Fenn Manuel


Spring 2020 - suddenly the world stands still. On every continent, people find themselves in a lockdown. The threat of a virus challenges them.
During the lockdown a mother sees her baby taking its first steps. A geriatric nurse buries an old woman in a foreign country. A blind man hears a whole other world. A homeless pizza delivery man knows that he is important. A married couple has to face a relationship crisis that has lasted for years. A DJ writes songs about the apocalypse and is more creative than ever. A young woman returns to the world of her ultra-orthodox childhood. A clinic employee goes through a separation out of love. A single shoe shiner worries about the safety of her daughter. A Martial Arts trainer is looking for social integration in a foreign world. A village constru
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