77 min


You're Gonna Be a Legend, Man

Będziesz legendą, człowieku

Directing: Marcin Koszałka


The plot is set during European Football Championship EURO 2012 organized in Poland. Polish national team hasn't achieved any considerable success since 1982 and now, the players have to play before the home crowd, not discredit themselves and give hope. Damien Perquise, a French footballer decides to play at EURO 2012 as a Polish player. Three months before the championship he suffers from an elbow fracture. Not only has he to fight against his elbow but also an opinion of a Polish politician, a former goalkeeper. Now the only thing Damien can do is win and fight for his dignity and recognition. Marcin Wasilewski, the oldest player in the team, has already experienced many disappointments. Now he hopes that this time, the team is going to be successful. He decides to fight until the end.
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