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Directing: Ján Novák


A true story, almost unbelievable from today’s point of view. A story describing escape from the Polish Oświęcim in April 1944. A story two Slovak Jews, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler, the first men to bring a message about the Nazi atrocities taking place in the so-called labor camps. A message supported by facts and eyewitness accounts, including mass liquidation of unsuspecting people in millions. Why did these two men risk everything, what was their goal, in which ways did they succeed or not, what were the circumstances of that time and what were the effects of this message in specific milestones, targeted and global? What was these men’s further fate, and what influence does history have on the present? Story told through two students who initially decide to look into the topic of several mutually exclusive stances of the current Hungarian government towards the conduct of Hungarians during World War II. Soon our students discover that in a nook of human history – behind the current turmoil of attitudes in Hungary a heroic story is hidden. A story of an effort which may have at times seemed futile, but eventually leads to almost 200.000 lives being saved. By thorough investigation and the gradual uncovering of the story, the students put the pieces together with the help of experts, coming to a shocking message. One of World War II’s millions of stories.
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