Olga Havlová was the closest and most trustworthy companion of Václav Havel, a friend who was never a spoilsport – on the contrary, she initiated the fun herself – a generous host, passionate games-player and mushroom-gatherer, a nature-lover, sharp commentator, courageous and diligent dissident; a wise and practical woman, always with her feet on the ground and true to herself. In 1990 she founded the Výbor dobré vůle (Committee of Good Will), still doing its good work today. The movie is about the intrinsic freedom of Olga Havel. For 20-years, secret police restricted her movements, kept her under surveillance, searched her homes. When her husband Václav Havel became president of Czech Republic, she was tied down by diplomatic protocol and the duties of a First Lady. Throughout, though, she remained herself, which is very inspiring.
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