85 min

In development


Directing: Judit Oláh


Maomi was gradually othered as a child for her behaviour and in response, she turned her adult life into a big adventure. Today, at the age of 80, she still lives extravagantly with her husband Daidai. Their outstanding story is accompanied by Maomi’s artwork and a huge amount of Super8 films shot by herself.

Did you ever imagine Pippi Longstockings old? Well, that is Maomi. Her red hair turned white and her freckles disappeared, but she is not a bit less beautiful. She is energetic, she talks and laughs. She always does what she wants, and not what society wants her to do. She lives with her husband, Daidai, and even though the two come from very different backgrounds they have been together for over 60 years.

Maomi had a difficult childhood: she grew up in the US in Hollywood and was considered a troubled child, today she would probably get several diagnoses from ADHD to autism. When she turned 12 years old her mother unexpectedly sent her to a German boarding school and abandoned her. As a response to this unbearable situation, Maomi escaped from reality to a magical world she created in her mind. This magical reality was materialized in colourful paintings which she keeps on creating to this day. For her, doing art is a basic need.

As an adult, her response to being othered was going to the extreme: she managed to live a life that many of us dream of. She was free from society’s duties, had multiple husbands at one time, six children and traveled the world. Today, Maomi still lives together with 84-year-old Daidai, who also uses art as a tool to survive. Daidai is more concerned than Maomi: having lived a free life means no financial security for their old years. But now, for the first time in their life, after a long journey revisiting important places of their lives, their first joint exhibition will open. Finally, they can share with the world how rich their lives really are. Is this inner wealth worth sacrificing one's material security for?


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