82 min


The Virgin of Palermo

Die Jungfrau von Palermo

Directing: Antonio Guidi


"The Virgin of Palermo" dedicates itself to the stories, legends and songs, which were created around the Saint Rosalia, eremite and patron of the city of Palermo.The stories hide in the deepest corners of the town and survive on the small and big theatre stages since centuries.The annual "festino", a festival dedicated to the saint, in which all inhabitants as well as immigrants from other cultures participate with mediterranean temperament is the climax of everyday life in Palermo and is celebrated with deep devotion and worldly pomp.As a melting pot of cultural influences from Europe, Northern Africa and Asia, Palermo is an example for integration and the union of foreign cultures and religions. Whereas the town is still as archaic as it was during the lifetime of the Saint. The film is a document on the rituals and traditions around "Santa Rosalia", and it narrates of the people of Palermo, who keep the legend alive in their songs of triumph, puppet theatres, thoughts and feelings. Who was the Saint Rosalia in reality? In this film everybody has his very personal answer to this question.
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