White Ravens - Nightmare in Chechnya

Weisse Raben - Alptraum Tschetschenien

Russia's nightmare - Chechnya. When they went to war, they were young and naive; they returned disillusioned and scarred for life.Petya and Kiril - who've just turned 18 - volunteers who serve on the front in Chechnya. Katya, a nurse, works in a field hospital in the war zone. None of them are the same when they come back. Crippled physically and emotionally, abandoned with their experiences of mutilations, torture and death.Over a three-year period Johann Feindt and Tamara Trampe observe the returnees trying to cope again in a society that represses awareness of the war. The Committee of Mothers of Russian Soldiers is the only place where they, along with the helpless parents, find like-minded people they can talk to.
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