52 min

In development

Liberation Diaries

Directing: Matteo Parisini


Around the world, millions of people keep a personal diary, documenting their lives in relation to what is happening around them. These diaries allow readers to experience historic events through the eyes of first-hand witnesses. The featured diaries, written during the WWII liberation, are no exception. Three ordinary women share their first-hand experiences of these extraordinary times with us – expanding our existing historical perception with a female gaze.
Three different perspectives, entwined despite the geographical distances between them: Magda is a proud partisan from Milan; Madeleine is a university student who just arrived in Paris; Käte lives in Berlin awaiting the end of the war with the awareness that she will be on the losing side. Three personal reactions to extraordinary events, three different ways to cope with historic change: Magda’s active and conscious fight; Madeleine’s curiosity and open-mindedness; Käte’s strength and her predisposition to change. For each of them, their diaries become a genuine lifeline. Magda, Madeleine and Käte each write to survive and live with the purpose of telling their stories through the diaries, a distinct act that allows them to endure the dramatic events around them.
Their words are personal and original descriptions of these events. Beyond rhetoric, each of them recounts their war – from the so far under-represented point of view of a woman. Thanks to their archived testimonies, we can review history and gain insight how to cope in times of crisis – just like we are experiencing today, as Europeans, albeit in different ways. Set up as a hybrid animated documentary with contemporary experts commenting from unusual angles, highlighting the female POV and including historical, social, and psychological background Liberation Diaries combines the underrepresented women's perspectives on history, original storytelling and visual approach, historical archive and international experts in an up-to-date TV production.


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