86 min


66 Seasons

66 sezón

Directing: Peter Kerekes


A film about the Košice swimming pool, the place where, according to the filmmaker's slogan, "history came to swim." Set between 1936 and 2002, the story reflects historical events that took place in Central and Eastern Europe during that period. Half-naked men and women lived through the 1941 bombing of Košice (in eastern Slovakia), some swimmers never returned from the front lines, and one of the pool's builders died in a concentration camp. The film is dedicated to the memory of the director's grandfather, and the filmmaker and his father make appearances. Using the pool as a backdrop where three generations came to cool off, a kind of "personal theatre" has been created, a space which itself becomes a model for evoking social history...


“I am Doing It Because I Love It.” An Interview with Peter Kerekes
7. 10. 2021

“I am Doing It Because I Love It.” An Interview with Peter Kerekes

Interview IDF
We talked to Slovak filmmaker Peter Kerekes about his latest film 107 Mothers, awarded at Venice Film Festival for the best script, and his earlier works 66 Seasons, Cooking History and Velvet Terrorists.
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